To buy a service listed at the Manchester digital marketplace complete the following steps

Step 1 : Register A Free Account

  1. Ordering a service at the website is 100% free.
  2. To get started select the Join us button to register your free account.
  3. You will receive an account activation email.
  4. Click on the link included in the email to activate your account.

Step 2 : Order A Service

  1. Once you have activated your account you can log into the website with your user name and password.
  2. To get started browse all the services listed at the website to see which one best fits your needs.
  3. If you have any questions about the service offered by the seller you can contact them directly using the Contact me button.
  4. To order a service select the service your interested in and choose the order now button
  5. The service provider may also have extra services which will appear below the order now button.
  6. To order the extra services select the extra service(s) which will be added to your order.

Step 3: Review The Order & Make Payment By Paypal

  1. Once you have selected the order now button you will the option to review the order details before making payment.
  2. If your happy with the service details included in the order select the Checkout now buton
  3. You will now be redirected to to make payment for the service.
  4. is a secure, easy way of making payment for services over the internet.
  5. also accepts all major debit and credit cards

Step 4 : Work Starts On Order

  1. After you have sucessfully made payment for the Joomla service via you will be redirected to the order page.
  2. The order page will now display the Active status to confirm the payment was successfully received and the designer has started the work on the order for you.
  3. You will also see the count down timer located at the bottom of the order page to display the number of hours, minutes and seconds the service provider has got to complete the work for you.

Step 5  Your Order Is Delivered

Once the service provider has completed the work for you the status of your order will change to Delivered to confirm the work has now been completed for you.

Step 6 Review The Work

  1. Once the order is delivered by the service provider you will have the chance to review the work.
  2. During this phase we recommend you review the work and confirm the work that was completed meets your needs and requirements as per the information included in the sellers service page.
  3. If you require changes or if your not happy with the work that was completed contact the service provider directly.
  4. Please note the service provider will not get paid until you have accepted the work as the funds are held by us until your are 100% happy with the work.
  5. If you are happy with the work the service provider has completed for you then please change the status to Accept on the order page.

Step 7 : Order Is Complete

The final step once you have accepted the work is to confirm the order is complete