Cloud flare is one of the most popular content delivery networks and security services on the internet used by millions of websites around the world to speed up websites and to protect websites from hackers.

Why should you buy this service for your website ?

  1. Your website will load twice as fast
  2. You will use 60% less bandwidth.
  3. Your website will be faster, safer and more secure.
  4. A free SSL certificate is included to protect you, your customers and your website.
  5. Your website will display the https ( green secure label )
  6. Websites with the https (green secure label) rank higher in the Google search listings.
  7. Websites with the https (green secure label) are trusted by website visitors and shoppers.

What is included in the Cloudfare service ?

  1. We will setup a FREE cloud flare account for your website.
  2. We will setup the DNS (domain name servers) for your website.
  3. Use the best cloudflare settings for your website,
  4. Setup the SSL certificate (green secure label) for the website.
  5. You will receive login details to manage the cloud flare account for your website.
  6. We provide you with 1 months support.

You can find out more about cloud flare by visiting

Service Requirements

We need the following information to provide you with the above service.

  1. Website domain register information including login details.
  2. Website login details if your using WordPress or Joomla
  3. Please note this is a one time payment to setup the free cloudflare service for the website. You will pay no further costs after the cloudflare service is setup by us.

If you have any questions about this service please contact us at 07949 610505