Has your WordPress or Joomla website been hacked by hackers ?

We offer a professional service for websites running WordPress or Joomla whereby we can fix the hacked website and get your business back online.

The following is included in the website hacked service

  1. Clean-up your WordPress or Joomla website in 24 hours
  2. Get your business back online in 24 hours.
  3. Complete a detailed security audit and scan of your WordPress or Joomla! website.
  4. Remove the website virus and malware.
  5. Communicate with Google to remove the website from the Google black list “This site may be hacked”  label.
  6. Restore your website in the Google search engine listings.
  7. Add extra security to reduce the risk of your website getting hacked again.
  8. Install and setup a WordPress or Joomla! based firewall to stop your website getting hacked again.
  9. Upgrade your website to the latest version of WordPress or Joomla 3
  10. Take a full backup of your clean website so you can easily recover your website from the clean backup.

We need the following to start the work for you

  1. Joomla or WordPress website Login details for the website.
  2. Web hosting Cpanel or Plesk Web hosting control panel login details
  3. Web hosting FTP login details.
  4. Google web master account (if you don’t have one we will setup one for you)

Service Terms

  1. This service is available from Monday to Friday
  2. Your website will be clean and the virus or malware removed within 24 hours once we have received all the information from you.
  3. It can take up to 2-3 days for Google to review your website and remove it from the Google black list.

If you have any questions about this service please contact us at 07949 610505